The Pig Poop

The guinea pigs got under Jehosheba’s bed and pooped under there because it was safe and dark. Jehosheba didn’t want to clean it up, so she hired me to do it. IT ALMOST GOT ON ME! It was soooo gross. Those little pigs poop so much, it’s crazy!!! Something tragic happened in the world today. […]

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We’re getting our swimming pool set up today!! And Hattush got sugar gliders as pets! Jehosheba got guinea pigs and my brother, Nahum, got two fish! Their names are Platy and Flinch. Hattush’s two sugar gliders are named Dreamer and Ink. And Jehosheba’s two guinea pigs are named Nugget and Shaddow. So this is my […]


Sugar Gliders

A couple days ago, my sister got sugar gliders. Their names are Ink and Dreamer. My sister’s blog is Daughter of the Light. She talks about her sugar gliders there. And her real name is Hattush. And my brother is called Nahum. And my other sister is Jehosheba and Baby. And my last brother is […]

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So I got nominated for the first time by Hattush and Kaley!!! I am so excited!!! Thank you both! You can check out their blogs here and here!!! Let’s get started! First, I will answer Kaley’s! The Rules For The Real Neat Blog Award:1. Display the blog award logo in your blog.2. Thank the blogger(s) […]


The Wormy Walk

We went on a walk earlier and there were hundreds of worms all over! Hattush and Nahum kept accidentally stepping on them. It was hilarious hearing Nahum scream. We had pancakes for breakfast and I ate 13!!! Since I finished my last Mr. Cookie adventure, it’s time for a new one! It’s called Ginger and […]

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My Best Pancake

Today my blog post is going to be about pancakes. I ate thirteen pancakes at breakfast today. They’re so good. They had chocolate chips in them. Can I have another pancake? I love them so much! And now, Mr. Cookie and Gummy Bear fight. So after he joined the army, they got another attack by […]

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Cookies and Milk

I need cookies and milk. I love that the cookies have chocolate chips in them and that the milk is yummy! Hey, I have a question: Why do people call them hot dogs instead of hot cows? I mean, they’re made out of beef, which is cow. Why not call them what they are?! Back […]

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